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A community for women journeying through creating the family of their dreams. A positive place for you to gain support, and know you are not alone! The Lord is in the miracle business and we want to stand with you to believe for your miracles! We are a group a women who have discovered our need for one another through these journeys. We are women who have experienced the pain of wanting and the pain of waiting. Together we are learning to embrace the journey and be fully present in life with ourselves and loved ones.

Join us at Uniquely Blessed Community & let us know what resources you are looking for! We want to help you in any way we can.

homepageWe are BLESSED, some days it is easier to say it than others! We remain blessed even when we don’t feel like it!

Meet the TEAM! 

Founder: Rebecca Eubanks
The Team: Melodi Foster & Katie Schauf